For something to be considered a blog, it should ideally meet two different criteria. Those things relate to the physical layout and how the content is organization.

Lets start to define what a blog is by using a couple of dictionary definitions…

Blog Definitions

a website that contains online personal reflections, comments, and often hyperlinks, videos, and photographs provided by the writer

Definition of Blog by Merriam-Webster

a website on which one person or group puts new information regularly, often every day; weblog

definition in the Cambridge English Dictionary

Blog Characteristics

Although the dictionary definitions are technically correct it really does not give you a true sense of what a blog actually is. I will try to expand on the definitions a little bit more.

The term “blog” is a combination of two words; WEB and LOG.

Taking the two root words of blog into consideration, there are really two different elements that are needed in my mind for a website to be considered a blog.

One part WEB…

It is easily to acknowledge that in order for a “blog” to be a Blog, it must be a website but not just any website.

A typical website is comprise of a series of individual web pages on a related topic. The websites are organized into a hierarchical structure.

One part LOG…

A blog is also a website comprise of a series of individual web pages but the different comes down to how they are organized. A blog is organized in a chronological order with the newest pages appearing at the top and going back in time.

Other common characteristics of a blog include additional organizations taxonomies such as categories and tags. The tags and categories offer additional ways to find the different pages, also known as posts, in the blog.

More Than a Journal

Blogs were originally intended to be more journal like in nature written from a single person perspective. However the original concepts has really been expanded upon and really evolved into a collection of information on nearly any topic (such as this website). A blog can now be about nearly any topic including from a single person or business entity to a photo gallery or how-to guide.


I hope this give your a better mental picture of what a elements make a blog. The term certainly tends to be over used and sometimes interchanged with a “website” but now you should be able to tell the difference.

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