I have compiled a short list of the tools that I use or have used over the years while using WordPress and creating websites. I try to focus on why I use them and sometimes I compare them to other related products. Some of them are free and some may cost hundreds of dollars.

Digital Journal –

I have been trying to find the ideal digital journalist solution for many, many years. I actually ran across this rather recently but has been a reliable solution for my digital journal needs.

Digital Journal Priorities

  • Multi Modal – I wanted to be able to view/create new journal entries from multiple devices.
  • Simple to Use – I don’t want tasks, reminders and complex formatting options.

Penzu meets these requirements perfectly. Most of the time I journal from my desktop computer for ease-of-use. Typing out large amounts text on a mobile or tablet is a painful and slow process. But I still want to have that quick access, if I need to jot something down quickly. I also want to be able to reference them.

Failed Solutions

  • EverNote – too complicated for daily journaling but good solution for document archival
  • DAY ONE – (I like the daily prompts but too complex, no desktop support

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