Our mission is to help you find the prefect theme. That could be for your blog, your business website or your online store.

Finding the perfect WordPress theme for your site is a very time consume and overwhelming task!

WordPress is the number one platform for creating a blogs and websites on the Internet, and powers over 34% of Internet websites.

The popularity of WordPress is unrivaled but that does not mean it does come without some problems. One of the problems is the difficult and time consuming process of finding, reviewing and having an apple-to-apples comparison of the vast number of WordPress themes that are available outside the free built-in theme directory.

Common WordPress Theme Problems

  • decentralized searching of themes
  • code quality
  • independent reviews and evaluations
  • apples-to-apple comparison
  • video reviews

How We Intend Solve The Problem

decentralized searching of themes – We want to combine the top WordPress Themes from the best developers in a single place. Currently when you search for a theme you have to visit several different market places and perform the same search over and over again. We feature themes form multiple marketplaces, independent developers and free code repositories.

code quality – the evaluation of code quality is very subjective and varies by each developer. By having coming rating parameters it should give you a better idea of how the plugin was developed. The code quality affects the speed and security of your website. It is also important if you intent to modify the internal functionality of the plugin.

independent review and evaluations – There are several 3rd-party marketplaces for WordPress themes but they do not have any consistent reviews images, or videos. If a developer is marketing plugins outside a marketplace then you are limited to their own marketing and demos. This does not always give you a good feel for the theme. Developers may also intentionally be vague in hopes that you will just purchase the theme without fully evaluating the WordPress theme.

apples-to-apple comparison – This is the big one! We are putting all plugins on the same level playing field so we can better compare one theme to another. Each developer is different, each control panel is different, some use customize, some don’t. We do a deep dive comparing one plugin to another.

video reviewsIf a picture is worth 1000 words then a video is worth 10000 words! Before you buy a plugin you should be able to see how the installation procedure is, what initial configurations is like and other details that are typically left out by the developer. In the age of YouTube where video rules. Included with each WordPress Theme review will be a quick and 5+ minute video that quickly walks you through the features of the plugin.

The Best Themes, Not The Most Themes

Our goal is not to be an all encompassing database for all WordPress Themes available but rather a showcase of the top 20% of plugins available on the market today. We will be featuring free and premium plugins from the major marketplaces, developers and directories along with popular vertical markets.

I sincerely hope you enjoy enough that you might stick around for awhile or even come back and visit us next week.

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